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Astronomical events for September 2014.

Astronomical Observation Markup Language (AOML)

The goal of my AOML project is to build an XML markup that can nicely capture the kinds of astronomical observations made by amateur astronomers. AOML is intended to eventually be useful to both casual observers who want to include a lot of free formatted text in a diary-like format, and serious observers who want a very data-oriented markup that can be readily interfaced with a relational database.

Currently AOML is in its infancy. I have created several related, but somewhat incompatible mark up languages that need to be better integrated. Also the expressivity of AOML is rather limited at the moment. However, this project is ongoing so hopefully AOML will eventually mature into something good.

Astronomical Event Markup Language (AEML)

The goal of AEML is to define an intuitive markup for recording and tracking astronomical events. AEML does not need to provide a way to record observations on the events, only a way to record the details of what the event is about and when/where the event is going to occur.

Currently I believe that AEML will eventually be merged into AOML. However, at the moment, the two languages are distinct.

Eventually I intend to build an Astronomical Event Notification Service using AEML. My goal is to create a system that emails me reminders about upcoming astronomical events. This application was the main reason for developing AEML in the first place. If I get the system working well, I might even open it up to other subscribers.

NOTE: A zip archive of all AOML and AEML related files is also available.

Observing Projects

Here are the specific observing projects that I'm trying to pursue.

Special Observations

Here are some documents describing observations I've made of various special events. This information will eventually get reformatted into AOML and moved to other areas of this log as appropriate.

Other Items

Here is a list of various other items of interest.

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