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This is the home page for Peter Chapin's Computer Security course notes for the Fall 2019 semester. Here you will find electronic versions of class handouts, homework assignments, lecture slides, and links to other references of interest. If you are a student taking Computer Security you should bookmark this page.

Lecture Topics

The list below gives topics covered in each lecture. You can use this information to guide your study or to get an idea about what was covered in any missed lectures.



  1. Homeworks below may be updated before they are presented
  2. Homework #1 Basic Security Concepts.
  3. Homework #2 Block Ciphers.
  4. Homework #3 Hashes and Public Key Cryptography.
  5. Homework #3 (OLD) AES and Encryption Modes.
  6. Homework #4 Security Protocols.
  7. Homework #5 TLS Verson 1.3.
  8. Homework #5 (OLD) Secure Hash Functions.
  9. Homework #6 Host Security.
  10. Homework #6 (OLD) Random Number Generators.
  11. Homework #7 IPsec.
  12. Homework #8 (OLD) Kerberos.
  13. Homework #9 (OLD) IPsec.


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