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Hello! This page contains links to my novels, poems, and other creative writings that I distribute under a Creative Commons license (namely: CC BY-SA). My approach is to use standard software development tools to manage my writing. These tools are powerful, flexible, and support the creation of large, complex works authored by multiple contributors. I am inspired by the open source software movement, and I intend to follow many of the practices and traditions developed by that community while developing and distributing the works presented here.

Specifically: Under the terms of the CC BY-SA license you are able to copy and distribute these works freely, even for commercial purposes. You are also able to modify these works and distribute the modified versions, provided you acknowledge me as the original copyright holder and use the same CC BY-SA license on the modified versions. For more details, consult the license file in the repositories linked here or the Creative Commons web site.

I use the GitHub site for storing the source of the works provided here. Using GitHub you are allowed (and encouraged) to submit "issues" against these works ranging from typos through global problems with story consistency, character development, and plot and setting issues, to name a few things. You are also allowed (and encouraged) to clone my repositories and contribute changes via "pull requests" in the usual way on GitHub. I may release updated versions of these works in the future that include responses to submitted issues and contributed changes.

The Dunari (novel)

Living on a desert planet around a red dwarf star, the dunari wrestle with their technological adolescence. Unexpectedly they are visited by an advanced, star-faring civilization, the humans, who stumbled on their world looking for a place to build a scientific research facility. An uneasy relationship between the dunari and the humans unfold amid political and social uncertainty. Meanwhile a young, dunari mathematical genius and a human astro-physicist form an unlikely friendship and discover something so profound that it will forever change the way both races see themselves---and each other.

Please report any errors or any suggested improvements on the GitHub repository issues page. Thank you!


WriterDaemon is not a work of prose or poetry. It is an open source program I'm working on designed to assist a creative writer with various tasks. It is currently highly immature, but it does know to count lines in LaTeX documents!

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