Mt. Abraham (4006 feet)

Sunday, July 16, 1995

This is probably the easiest 4000 footer in New England to climb. The obvious path of ascent is along the Long Trail from Lincoln Gap. Since Lincoln Gap is already over 2400 feet above sea level, there really isn't that much of a climb involved. The distance from the gap to the summit is about 2.8 miles.

It was very good weather today: clear and not too hot. There was a little haze in the air so the views weren't as good as they might have been, but they were still good. As a result of the good weather (and because it was a weekend) there were quite a few people on the trail.

The Long Trail climbs steadily and not too steeply up from the gap. The forest is at first a deciduous forest but it very quickly becomes a conifer forest as the trail gains elevation. About 1.8 miles from the gap the trail reaches Battell Shelter. From there it climbs more steeply to the open summit.

Right near the top of the mountain and right next to the trail is a large, distinctive white rock. You really can't miss it. I first climbed this mountain with my brother back in the early 70's and I was fascinated by this rock. I called it the Dragon's Egg. The rock is still there today. Check it out.

When I arrived at the summit it was rather crowded at first. Since I don't really like crowds, I perched myself on a rock about 100 feet below the summit to enjoy the view. There is much to see from this mountain. To the West, the Adirondack Mountains in New York are easily visible as is Lake Champlain. To the East the White Mountains in New Hampshire are visible including Lafayette and Washington. To the North and South many peaks of the Green Mountains can be seen.

There are often gliders zooming around the summit of this mountain as well. Apparently an airport in the town of Warren caters to them and there must be many good updrafts near the mountain. Sometimes the planes come only a couple of hundred feet from the ridge and are spectactular in their silence. I know this from previous trips up the mountain. Today I didn't see any gliders until I was already back in my car driving away from Lincoln Gap.

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