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Laraway Mountain (2790 feet)

Sunday, July 4, 2021

The most natural approach to Laraway Mountain is via the Long Trail from the south (2.3 miles; elevation change: 1550 feet, average grade: 674 ft/mi). The trail head is on Codding Hollow Road. The Long Trail Guide (28th edition) describes a "winter parking area" on the road a short distance before its crossing with the Long Trail. Based on my experience today it appears that most people use this winter parking area even in the summer. Codding Hollow Road degrades to an ATV trail after that parking area, and while it would be possible to drive an ordinary car with suitable ground clearance to the other parking area, the extra walking distance down Codding Hollow Road is not significant and hardly worth the effort of dodging rocks with your car.

Long Trail at Codding Hollow Road

The Long Trail leaves Codding Hollow Road at the end of the lesser used parking area and climbs steadily but not overly steeply through a lovely deciduous forest. The trail is quite interesting. It crosses a stream, which it turns to follow, and soon comes to a small, unnamed waterfall. Today the stream was nearly dry, and the waterfall was little more than a wet rock. However, I have been here in the past when the falls was quite lovely.

After winding its way up the side of the mountain, the trail eventually starts to flank the mountain and go beneath extensive cliffs. Here the trail gets a bit rough in places, and attention to blazes is important. Eventually the trail comes to Laraway Lookout. The lookout gives a good view to the west and south, but it is relatively small. If there are others enjoying the view already, you might find it crowded.

Up to this point, the hiking has been reasonably arduous. However, the lookout is almost at the same elevation as the summit. From the lookout, the trail continues through the woods over easy grades until finally reaching the summit of Laraway. There is a simple sign marking the summit, but no view.

Laraway Mountain

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