Morse Mountain (3380 feet)

Sunday, October 11, 2020


Today I climbed Sterling Mountain. I had originally planned to climb Morse Mountain, but the stream crossing of Beaver Meadow Brook on the Beaver Meadow Trail was too difficult. It would have required wading, and I was not prepared for that. The temperature was too cold to wade the stream barefoot, so appropriate boots would have been necessary. The crossing occurs shortly after the Beaver Meadow Trail turns away from the Beaver Meadow Cutoff. I ended up following the Cutoff to the Whiteface Trail on my way to the top of Sterling Mountain. It might be possible to continue following the Cutoff to the Chilcoot Trail and, perhaps, avoid the difficult stream crossing altogether. I did not explore that today.

It appeared to me that a stream crossing by rock-hopping might have been possible if the water had been lower. I was surprised the water was as high as it was since it has been a dry summer. On the other hand, there was a heavy rain the day before.

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