Astronomical Observations: Double Stars

The following links take you to places in my primary (chronological) observation logs where I have notes about the indicated double stars. The factual information about the binaries was taken from Norton's 2000.0 Star Atlas and Refence Handbook (Eighteenth Edition, edited by Ian Ridpath, published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc, ISBN=0-582-03163-X).

Object Location Separation Magnitudes References Comments
Sigma CrB 7.1 5.6/6.6 1998-06-01 Binary, 1000 years. Nice double
Zeta CrB 6.3 5.1/6.0 1998-06-01 Nice double
Beta Cyg 34.4 3.1/5.1 1998-07-29 Beautiful colors
Alpha Her 4.6 var/5.4 1998-06-01 Binary, 3600 years. Difficult due to brightness contrast
Delta Her 8.9 3.1/8.2 1998-06-01 Tricky due to brightness contrast
Mu Her 33.8 3.4/10.1 1998-06-03 Slow binary. Tricky due to brightness constrast, but nice
Rho Her 4.1 4.6/5.6 1998-06-03, 1998-07-29 Slow binary. Nice double

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