Software Engineering Projects—IoT (CIS-2730) Home Page

This is the home page for Peter Chapin's Software Engineering Projects (IoT) course notes for the Spring 2024 semester. Here you will find electronic versions of class handouts, homework assignments, lecture slides, and links to other references of interest. If you are a student taking Software Engineering Projects, you should bookmark this page.

Topic Summary

The lectures for this course are on Zoom. The labs for this course are face-to-face.


  1. The C programming language
  2. The Project
  3. ML Model Training


The lab set is summarized in the lab summary document, along with links to specific lab handouts and supporting code samples.


  1. I improved the blinkLED.c sample program to include error handling when opening the files and better variable names.
  2. Here is a picture of the Thermo-30 click board installed on my BeaglePlay.
  3. This Jupyter notebook demonstrates machine learning as a curve fitting problem.



The C Programming Language



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