CIS-3050 (Algorithms and Data Structures) Home Page

This is the home page for Peter Chapin's CIS-3050 course notes for the Fall 2016 semester. Here you will find slides, homework assignments, program samples, and links to other references of interest.


The topics covered in each lecture, with links to relevant resources, are shown below.


  1. Algorithm Performance
  2. Lessons below are subject to change



  1. Homework #01 (Due: 2016-08-31) InsertionSort Performance
  2. Homework #02 (Due: 2016-09-07) Generic Programming in C
  3. Homework #03 (Due: 2016-09-14) QuickSort
  4. Homework #04 (Due: 2016-09-21) Heaps
  5. Homework #05 (Due: 2016-09-28) Linked Lists
  6. Homework #06 (Due: 2016-10-05) Reverse List
  7. Homework #08 (Due: 2016-10-26) Binary Search Trees
  8. Homework #10 (Due: 2016-11-09) Hash Tables
  9. Homework #13 (Due: 2016-12-07) Bellman-Ford
  10. Homeworks below are subject to change


A Visual Studio 2015 solution containing some initial projects for this course. You can use this solution throughout the course by adding additional projects to it. I will provide some of those projects later, configured to work with this solution.


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