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This is the home page for Peter Chapin's Computer Security course notes for the Spring 2023 semester. Here you will find electronic versions of class handouts, homework assignments, lecture slides, and links to other references of interest. If you are a student taking Network Security you should bookmark this page.

Lecture Topics

The lectures for this course are on Zoom.


These slides are by Jean Hakim. I have made some modifications/updates to them. Most of these slides were converted from PDF to PowerPoint and then back to PDF (the original PowerPoint was lost). The conversion process created some formatting issues, which I am slowly correcting.


  1. Homework #1. Securing the Router. Due: 2023-01-27.
  2. Homework #2. Views, Logging, and NTP. Due: 2023-02-10
  3. Homework #3. Configure AAA Authentication on Cisco Routers. Due: 2023-03-10.
  4. Homework #4. Configure Router Access Control Lists. Due: 2023-03-24.
  5. Homework #5. Capturing Traffic on the Experimental Network. Due: 2023-04-14.
  6. Homework #6. Using Snort in IDS Mode. Due: 2023-05-05


Cybersecurity Organizations

Infrastructure Devices

Cisco-Specific Information

Product References



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