Bear's Den

Bear's Den

Location : New Salem, MA
Stream   : Swift River
Height   : Not high
Finding  : Easy enough with a proper map.
Access   : Easy
Swimming : I would say no.
Legal    : Owned by the Trustees of Reservations. Public access.
Overview : Nice spot. Don't make a special trip.

Sunday, October 6, 1996

This property is owned by the Trustees of Reservations . I found it in their catalog of properties. Bear's Den is located on Nielson Road in North New Salem. It's a short distance off route 202. With a good map, it's not hard to find. There is a wide spot in the road where you can park, but there is no obvious sign. However, there is an obvious trail with a small sign a few yards along it letting you know that you are at the right place.

My daughter Hillary and I visited these falls together. There really wasn't much there. The Swift River fell over a rocky outcropping into a grotto. The falls themselves were small, but the grotto was interesting and a bit unusual. My father indicated to me that there was more to see upstream, so Hillary and I did some exploring. We walked for 1/4 mile or so, but didn't see any other falls. Furthermore, the ground was flat and didn't suggest anything more. We went back to the grotto and lounged around for a while before leaving. It was a pleasant spot.

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