Coliseum Falls

Coliseum Falls

Overview: Minor falls with interesting rocks below.
Location: Crawford Notch State Park, NH.
Stream  : Bemis Brook.
Height  : About 5 feet.
Finding : Easy. Well marked trailhead.
Access  : Short hike.
Swimming: No.
Basking : Large flat rocks right next to the stream.
Privacy : Less popular than some nearby falls.
Legal   : Public access.

Tuesday, July 16, 1996

Coliseum Falls

Today Hillary and I spent the day in Crawford Notch enjoying waterfalls. After stopping by Flume Cascades and Silver Cascades, we took a hike along Bemis Brook to visit Coliseum Falls and Bemis Brook Falls. Bemis Brook also flows over Arethusa Falls, the highest in New Hampshire (New England?), but we didn't feel like following the trail that far upstream.

To get to the falls, start down the well marked Arethusa Falls Trail. After a very short distance, the Bemis Brook Trail diverges to the left. The trail then follows along Bemis Brook and shortly comes to Coliseum Falls. There Bemis Brook flows over a low, but very nice waterfall and then slids down a wide expanse of flat rocks. The rocks below the falls are in some ways the most interesting part. There you can easily walk next to the brook as it surges along the left side of the channel.

A very pleasent waterfall. The rocks below the falls would make a good picnic spot.

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