Flume Cascades

Location: Crawford Notch State Park.
Finding : Easy.
Access  : Easy (right by the road).
Swimming: Not enough water.
Legal   : Public land.

Tuesday, July 16, 1996

Flume Cascades

Today my daughter Hillary and I spent the day in Crawford Notch enjoying waterfalls. We started with Flume Cascades. These falls are located right along Rt. 302 just a short distance south of the height of land in the notch. There was a parking area across the road from the falls making access easy. You do have to cross the busy highway to get to the falls, but that isn't much of a problem.

Flume Cascades tumbles down the side of Mt. Jackson in a long, straight fall. Due to heavy, extended rains the lakes and rivers in New England were all unusually full. Thus the small stream making up this cascade had a reasonable amount of water in it. I suspect that under more normal conditions, this is not a particularly spectacular waterfall.

It looked to us like it wouldn't have been too difficult to scramble up the side of the mountain alongside the stream. I bet there were some great views of Crawford Notch to be had from higher up. We didn't make the climb today, but perhaps we will another time.

I wouldn't make a trip just for this waterfall, but since it is so close to Silver Cascades, you should certainly plan to take it in when you visit those other falls.

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