Middlebury Gorge

Location: Middlebury, VT
Stream  : Middlebury River

Saturday May 27, 1995

Along Rt. 125 just after crossing into Middlebury from Ripton the Middlebury River passes through a deep, narrow gorge. There were no signs, but my friend, John, and I found a turn-off on Rt. 125 at about the right spot and parked there.

The turn-off was not very senic. In fact, quite a lot of trash had been thrown over the side of the road at that point and had collected into big piles a few feet below the road. Furthermore there were lots of dead and rotting animal carcasses strewn about among the trash. Apparently this was a favorite spot for depositing road kills.

There were a couple of other cars parked in the turn-off and there we met someone who had just been fishing in the gorge. He pointed out a faint trail that lead steeply downhill through a pine forest to the water.

The gorge itself was not particularly impressive -- at least not where we were. There were some interesting cliffs along the side of the stream, but we didn't see any particularly interesting waterfalls. There were quite a few bugs.

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