Other New Hampshire Waterfalls

The following falls in New Hampshire (and some just across the border in Maine) were brought to my attention by various people. These are all falls that I have not yet seen myself. As I visit these falls, I will take them off this list and add them to my main list. The information here may overlap somewhat with my list of White Mountain waterfalls.

The following notes were sent to me by Dean Goss on June 27, 1997. Thank you, Dean for this information! Dean has also sent me information about some Vermont waterfalls as well.

The following falls are all located in northern New Hampshire (above the White Mountains). These were brought to my attention by Kim Nilsen. He is the president of the Cohos Trail Association. All of these falls are on the proposed Cohos Trail -- a 140 mile trail system that the Cohos Trail Association is in the process of planning and building. If you are interested in joining the association, write to Kim Nilsen, Cohos Trail Association, 252 Westmoreland Rd, Keene, NH 03431.

Note that the two falls in Dixville are also mentioned in Dean Goss's notes above.

Kim also mentioned Moose Falls directly off Route 3 on the right, running away from the road, in the vicinity of Deer Mountain Campground in Pittsburg.

In a later note, Kim added:

"There are also some very remote falls in the backcountry, most of which are very difficult to get to, in terms of time and access."

"In the Second College Grant and Pittsburg/Clarksville area in New Hampshire there are two "squeeze hole" falls, which were well known in the days of the river drive loggers. They are Hells Gate Falls and Little Hells Gate Falls, both of which are narrow passages and brief drops in the Dead Diamond River. These falls used to hang up the log drives in some years because it was easy for logs to jam into the narrow passes."

"There are also several remote mountain gorges through which water descends. They are not falls, but they are beautiful areas with steep or cliff-like walls. One is accessed through a gate just off Route 16 a few feet before it passes into northern Maine from New Hampshire. This is the access road to the Second College Grant. By walking in a mile, you arrive at a beautiful gorge."

"The other is Canyon Gorge on the so-called Canyon Trail in the farthest northeast region of Pittsburg hard by the Canadian Border and in Indian Stream, at its very source. I have yet to see it, as it takes a terrible amount of time to get there. Yet it is one of the very few natural features in the far north that has ever had a trail cut in to it."

The following notes were sent to me by Roy Sunter on June 22, 1998. These are falls in south western New Hampshire.

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