Silver Cascades

Silver Cascades

Location: Crawford Notch State Park.
Finding : Easy.
Access  : Easy (right by the road).
Legal   : Public land.

Tuesday, July 16, 1996

Today Hillary and I spent the day in Crawford Notch enjoying waterfalls. After stopping by Flume Cascades , we visited Silver Cascades only a hundred yards or so further down the road. These falls are located right along Rt. 302 just a short distance south of the height of land in the notch. There was a parking area across the road from the falls making access easy. You do have to cross the busy highway to get to the falls, but that isn't much of a problem.

To get the best view of Silver Cascades, you really need to walk up the stream a little way. Although you can see the main part of the fall from the road, the view from the road is a bit too far away. The walk to the falls is short, however, and quite simple.

There had been an unusually large amount of rain in the region this summer and so there was quite a bit of water pouring over the cascades. They were very beautiful. High up, the stream flowed over a wide rock in a graceful curtain. But the lower part of the falls, crashed down a narrow crack in the rocks and exploded into the lower pool with intensity.

An excellent waterfall.

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