View from road below falls

Stevens River Falls

Overview: Setting not ideal. Worth seeing only if you are already in the area.
Location: Barnet
Stream  : Stevens River
Height  : 50' total (estimate)
Finding : Easy
Access  : Roadside, but private property makes close approach difficult.
Swimming: No
Basking : No
Privacy : None
Legal   : Surrounded by private property.


US Route 5 goes through the center of East Barnet. In the middle of town the Stevens River flows under the road. This waterfall is under and below that bridge although the very top of the waterfall is visible from Route 5.

There is a side road that goes to the bottom of the falls. It connects with Route 5 immediately north of the bridge. The best overall views of the falls are from that side road.


Stevens River Falls is in the middle of East Barnet and thus surrounded by houses. In addition the Route 5 bridge goes right over the falls and one pier of the bridge is anchored in the rocks immediately by the falls. A close approach to the waterfall is impossible without crossing what looks like private yards. This detracts considerably from the beauty of the falls.

The falls themselves pour over a crest of rock and flow along a kind of chute. They go over several steps before reaching the bottom of the chute where the stream flows through a narrow, steep walled cut. While not remarkable the falls have the potential of being very nice. Unfortunately they are not in the best setting. I can't recommend making a special trip to see these falls. However, if you happen to be going through Barnet it would be worth swinging by to view them.


Sunday, April 13, 2003

Today my wife and I visited these falls for the first time. Due to the difficult approach we were not all that impressed. However, the falls seem nice enough. There was a fair amount of water in the stream today (not surprising considering the season).

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