Windsor Jambs

Windsor Jambs

Location: Windsor, MA
Finding : Tricky. On the back roads.
Access  : Roadside
Legal   : Public land
Swimming: No

April 16, 1995

Windsor Jambs is located in Windsor State Forest in Windsor, MA. It isn't difficult to find, but you should take a good map with you. It's necessary to drive down some dirt roads to get to the falls and the roads are not marked.

The falls are not spectacular. However, the topology of the area is very interesting. The stream flows through a deep, narrow gorge. In places the sides of the gorge might be 50 sheer feet. The stream itself churns over many small to medium sized drops and through many narrow passages.

Alas, the state of Massachusetts has put a fence in place at the edge of the gorge to keep people from falling in. I think this detracts very significantly from the beauty of the location. In addition, all views of the stream are from above and that is not the best way to look at waterfalls.


Here is a picture [120k] taken from the rim of the gorge. It shows a section of the falls, but it's taken a bit too far away from the water for the best effect.

Friday, April 5, 1996

I visited these falls again with my friend John and his girlfriend. There was a lot of snow around today. The ground was almost totally covered with a layer several inches deep. However the snow was hard and compacted so it didn't make walking difficult.

The gorge was more impressive than I remembered it from last year. The water was higher and perhaps that explains it. There was still a lot of ice and snow in the gorge but that only added interest. It didn't significantly obscure the view of the water.

We walked along the edge of the gorge and took several pictures. However, the poor viewing angle (from above) kept me from really getting the picture I want. Someday I'll have to come back and wade up the stream right into the gorge. I think that is the only way to get a good shot of this falls.

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