First I'd like to give special thanks to my friend John Bedard not only for his pictures of Webb Falls, Wahconah Falls, and Niagara Falls, but especially for his accompanying me on several of my waterfall trips. John is a man who doesn't mind trudging around in the woods while surrounded by black flies and while carrying loads of camera equipment to look for obscure falls on insignificant streams. He has been a welcome companion.

I'd also like to especially thank my daughter Hillary for humoring my interest in waterfalls and joining me on several waterfall trips.

Finally last but not least I'd like to thank my wife, Sharon for also humoring my interest in waterfalls and for taking the time to explore some falls with me on our vacations.

The following list are the names of other people who have contributed to this site. These people all granted me permission to have their name posted here. If you would like to contribute something to my site but would rather not have your name mentioned, that is fine. Just let me know and I will honor your request. The list below is alphabetical in last name.

Note: I used to post email addresses on this page but in today's world that no longer seems like a great idea. Let me know if you are on this list and specifically want your email address posted. If I don't hear otherwise I will assume you want your email address kept private.

Finally I'd like to thank all the other people I haven't specifically mentioned who have written to me to comment on this page. Many of you have made suggestions and corrections. I really appreciate that. I also enjoy just talking about waterfalls!

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