Future Plans

New Material?

It's been a long time since I've done much visiting of waterfalls. The rest of my life has kept me busy. At the time of this writing it's moving into fall and I'll be starting a new semester at school. Although I may get a chance to visit some falls in the next few weeks, realistically I'll probably have to wait until next summer (2008) to really get back into it. Hopefully I'll have the opportunity to do just that.


After a several year gap I've finally gotten access to a scanner again. I can now scan photos that I've had for months (years!) but that have never appeared on this site. I can also rescan photos that are on this site, but that are of poor quality (largely due to my lousy post-processing technique). Look for steady improvements in the quality of the images on this site over the coming months. See the "What's New?" page for the details.

Unlike what I did in the past, I intend to keep archival copies of any scans that I do so that I can post-process the images several different ways as my needs (and skills) change. I hope to write a document detailing my procedures for the anyone is wants to use similar techniques or who is just plain curious.

I'm still planning to eventually put together some portfolios of the more photogenic waterfalls or perhaps a waterfall "gallery" of some kind. I haven't worked out the details yet but I think what I want will become more clear as I work with the new images/scans that I hope to making soon.

Trip Planner

Quite some time ago I started work on a Waterfall Trips page that summarizes some "prepackaged" trips people might take. I still think that's a good idea and I hope to extend that page. I'm also considering creating regional summaries of waterfalls in the manner of my White Mountain Waterfalls page. That way those of you interested in planning your own trips would have an easy way to choose falls based on location (rather than the alphabetical order that I use on my main list). It might be nice for me to create some sort of clickable map where you could find out information about falls based entirely on geographic location.

Various Things

I addition, I'd like to put some information on this page about water conservation issues and the natural history of waterfalls (biology, geology, and so forth). It would also be cool to include some stuff on the historical signficance of New England waterfalls (water power playing an important role in New England mill towns). This is a major project, and I have no idea when I'll get to it.

Finally I hope to dress up this site a bit by using some of the newer technologies that have evolved since I started (back in 1995). I've started doing this already with the addition of a site-wide style sheet for giving my pages a consistent look. I might also explore the use of frames in some of my menu oriented pages, and I might see what I can do with JavaScript, XML and other such technologies. I have been experimenting quite a bit with XML on my astronomical observation log page and I may be able to use some of the same techniques here.

Stay tuned for the developements!

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