List of Waterfalls

What follows is a list of waterfalls in the New England region for which I have some specific information. I have personally visited most of the falls listed below and have included my comments and pictures in each document (either as links or as in-line images, depending on their size). However, I have not visited some of the falls listed below. Nevertheless, I may have comments or pictures (or links to such things) from other people, or I may have some other information about them.

For each waterfall, I include a header in its document that summarizes the basic facts about that waterfall. I hope you find these summaries useful and accurate. I have prepared a document that describes what the various summary headers mean. In the future I may offer a way to search these documents based on the summary headers.




Here is a list of Massachusetts waterfalls that I haven't yet visited.

New Hampshire

Here is a list of just the waterfalls of the White Mountains. This list includes both falls that I have visited and many that I have not (yet) visited.

Here is a list of other New Hampshire waterfalls that I haven't yet visited.

New York

Rhode Island


If it seems like I have a disproportionate number of waterfalls from Vermont, there is a reason for it. I live in Vermont. I can visit most Vermont waterfalls in an afternoon. Visiting falls from other areas of New England is more difficult for me. The fact that I have more falls listed for Vermont is not intended to imply that Vermont has more falls than any other New England state (or that Vermont falls are somehow "better" than those in the other states).

Here is a list of Vermont waterfalls that I haven't yet visited.

In addition to the "natural" falls listed above, I have some information about road cut falls (falls formed when a road cut was made) and urban falls (falls that exist inside cities and towns).

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